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Best Choc Chip Hot Cross Buns

HOT CROSS BUNS! One of my favourite breads… The lightly spiced dough with chocolate chips (sorry raisins) is the perfect combination. There are a lot of variations of hot cross buns that are coming out these days, but nothing beats a good chocolate one, packed with chocolate chips. And when you toast them with a little butter… AMAZING.

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Apple Cinnamon Babka


I think that’s probably one of my favourite flavour combinations in the world. There is something about the flavours that feel so warm and comforting, and I feel like it’s one of those flavours that never really go wrong. Everyone loves a good apple cinnamon muffin!

I have to admit I had a bit of an apple cinnamon muffin obsession last year… 3 muffins a week is okay right?

Anyway, this recipe isn’t even muffins, its something better 😀 …

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